The area directly surrounding the campsite is beautiful. At short distance you can visit several protected nature parks. The nodes connecting the many bicycle routes allow you to personalize your discovery tour of the area. Check cycle network for routes.


The Hijkerveld is a wide and open heathland area at approximately 4 kilometer cycling distance. A large herd of the rare breed Schoonebeeker heath sheep spends the nights here in the pen. The ANWB cycling route ‘Beilerdingspelroute’ is crossing the Hijkerveld.

Drents-Friese Wold

The National Park Drents-Friese Wold can be found at 7-kilometer distance. This is an expansive natural area where you can cycle or hike many miles.

National Park Dwingelderveld

The National Park Dwingelderveld lays at 10-kilometer distance from the campsite. The park has a very rich biodiversity. Besides the information center, the park encompasses a large heathland area and a sheep pen, which can be visited with a horse-drawn wagon. The park offers many adventures for kids, including entertaining kids experience routes. Certainly worth visiting is the planetarium Planetron.


At cycling distance, the Fochteloërveen can be found. This is one of the largest peat bogs of The Netherlands. Peat extraction is still visible at many sites.


Just on the other side of Beilen is the Terhorsterzand. A diversified area with forests, heathlands and fens. Moreover, here you can find a freely accessible swimming pond.

Picturesque villages

Dotted around in this natural beauty you can find many old picturesque villages worth a day-trip.
Dwingeloo has a stunning old village center with a large and lively square.

Diever is famous for its medieval history, has an information center and is the starting point for many cycling and hiking routes through the Drents-Friese Wold. During summer Diever is organizing a yearly Shakespeare festival (although in Dutch….).

Orvelte is a museum village with beautiful old farms and homesteads. It also offers a very nice path for children: The path of Theodoor. An exciting adventure trail!

The campsite is a convenient base camp for hikers of the ‘Drenthepad’ (324 km); check

Furthermore, Drenthe offers:

  • The museum of the Hunebeds in Borger
  • The prisonmuseum in Veenhuizen
  • The Drents Museum in Assen
  • The yearly international motor race, the TT of Assen
  • The story of Ellert and Brammert in Schoonloo
  • A nature information center in Appelscha with gnome and bare feet paths
  • The ‘Drentse Koe’, a playing farm for children in Ruinerwold

Knapsack routes

Several knapsack routes can be walked in Drenthe, like nearby in Hijken. Ask us for information or at the touristinformation offices (the ‘VVV’).

Biking and Eating (‘Trappen en Happen’)

We also offer our guests our own cycling route through ‘Trappen en Happen’. A nice route in the direct surroundings of the campsite, which enables you to buy local produce as ingredients for your dinner cooked over our campfire.

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